Welcome to Kingdom Borders

  • Fully capturable map
  • Armies move on grid
  • Possibility to siege player town...
  • ... by capturing sectors around it
  • Income based on map control
  • Armies are not attached to a town
  • Day time
  • Weather
  • No mines to upgrade
  • Armies can be split as player wants
  • Few levels of economy
  • No premium features or cash shop

Game is currently in active development and testing stage.

Latest news

2018-12-08 - New world!

Greetings! A new world is upon us! This time the composition is different, with less valuable sectors but with bigger bonuses. Increased amount of forests and reduced their income by half, reduced number of grass sectors and increased their bonuses. Enjoy!

2018-09-13 - A second chance

After few months of inactivity, I accidentally came across couple of websites, trough which I am hoping to reach target audience. Something I was not able to do before. Fingers crossed we will grow our community fast enough this time :)

2018-05-18 - 2nd competition ended!

Top 20 players received Steam keys for Game Dev Studio Congrats!

2018-04-09 - Competition ended!

Congratulations to player Exce11ence for winning the round! However, the winner declined the prize, as a result the prize goes to the second place player - Raspaberry, well done! Next round will be announced some time in the future.

2018-03-16 - World has been reset! Competition started!

Player with most captured land (rank #1) by the March 16th 17:00 GMT will recieve 30 euros worth of games on Steam of their choosing! Bring your friends, or foes!

2018-02-16 - Visual update is here! Time for a contest and prize!

The long awaited visual town illustrations were added to the game! On February 16th approximately 17:00 GMT game world will reset and to make testing worthwhile, player with most captured land (rank #1) by the March 16th 17:00 GMT will recieve 30 euros worth of games on Steam of their choosing. I understand it is not very impressive, but still better than virtual medal :) Stay tuned and bring your friends, or foes!

2017-12-27 - News

Hello players, I had a hard drive crash and had to restore it all. Unfortunately database backup is couple weeks old. Big thanks to everyone helping with testing!

2017-11-22 - Dev blog October 22

Added construction and scrap timers for fortifications. Wall and fortifications now can be destroyed/downgraded if enough damage received

2017-11-18 - Dev blog November 18

Added global chat. Town view illustrations are in progress.

2017-10-31 - Map reset October 31

We are glad to announce that player 'Excision' claimed victory of second test map. Game has been reset with new map generated. Come join the fight for the #1 title!

2017-10-24 - Dev blog October 24

Replaced obsolete rally point with charcoal kiln, which produces coal at the cost of wood.

2017-10-23 - Dev blog October 23

Added penalties to cavalry and archers based on current in-game weather.

2017-10-23 - News October 23

Server was unavailable for few hours due to IP change

2017-10-21 - Dev blog October 21

Added time of day and map location combat modifiers.

2017-10-17 - Dev blog October 17

Added terrain-specific combat modifiers

2017-10-16 - Dev blog October 16

Improved mailbox and added announcement section.

2017-10-05 - Dev blog October 5

Added production / construction queue with 3 slots for each building ------------------------- Добавлена очередь производства / строительства на 3 слота каждому

2017-10-03 - Dev blog October 3

Added ability to give army movement command up to 5 sectors. ------------------------- добавлена возможность задать маршрут движения, пока лимит 5 клеток.

2017-10-01 - Dev blog October 1

Map update delay is no more. In the coming days I will add feature to give movement command or few sectors at once. ------------------------- Проблемы с запаздыванием обновления карты повержены. в ближайшее дни планирую запилить команду передвижения по нескольким секторам сразу.

2017-10-01 - Dev blog September 30

Added ability to cancel any ongoing production with 100% resource return. Various visual improvements ------------------------- Добавлена возможность отмены любого производство Визуальные правки

2017-09-30 - Dev blog September 29

Improved usability. Various small fixes. Roads can now be dismantled and 50% cost reclaimed. Can build fortifications in sectors and dismantle with 50% cost return as well. ------------------------- Возможность разбирать построенные дороги с 50% возвратом ресурсов Возможность строить укрепления в секторах и их разборка с 50% возвратом. Улучшение форума.

2017-09-26 - News

PvP test map started. ------------------------- Новая пвп карта запущена.

2017-09-25 - New map announcement

September 25 at 15:00 GMT0 (Greenwich) new map is starting 100 x 100 to test PvP. Starting resources - 1000 wood/stone. All existing accounts will be transferred. Server will stop accepting logins at 14:30 GMT0. Hoping for your activity. See you there! ------------------------- 25 Сентября в 15:00 по GMT (Гринвич) стартует новая карта 100 х 100, будем тестить пвп. Стартовые ресурсы - по 1000 камня и дерева. Сервер перестанет принимать логини б 14:30 по GMT. Все акаунты будут перенесены. Надеюсь на вашу активность. Увидимся!

2017-09-24 - Dev blog September 24

Added alliance ranking ------------------------- Добавлен ранг по альянсам

2017-09-24 - Dev blog September 24

Added ability to issue army command straight from map, just click army presence in sector indicator. Also planning to start small world 100 x 100 to test pvp. All accounts will be transferred, more starting resources given. Big thanks to everyone participating! ------------------------- Переделан контроль войсками на карте - команду можно отдавать сразу на карте нажав на индикатор присутствия войск в секторе. Планирую на днях запустить карту по меньше - 100 на 100 клеток дабы протестить пвп )) все акаунты перенесу и ресов стартовых больше дам. Проинформирую ближе к старту. Большое спасибо всем кто принимает участие!

2017-09-22 - Dev blog September 22

Last section of market restyled. ------------------------- Последний раздел рынка переделан.

2017-09-21 - Dev blog September 21

Map is now draggable. In the coming days I will rework army control without need for reload. ------------------------- Карта теперь тягучая. В ближайшие дни будет изменён контроль войсками без перезагрузок.

2017-09-20 - Dev blog September 19

Restyled 4 out of 5 market interface sections Draggable map sketches ------------------------- сделан рестайл 4 из 5 разделов рынка наброски новой карты чтобы можно было мышкой тягать

2017-09-19 - Dev blog September 18

Test server reconfigured after DoS attack Added option to build roads on owned sectors - 15% travel speed over that sector Split user name and login into duplicating fields so foul worded usernames can be renamed without changes to their logins

2017-09-16 - Public testing started

After testing internally with closest friends and fixing all crucial bugs, I think the game is ready for public testing and evaluation. Some features that are listed for development (not in order): draggable map multi-sector move orders guild rankings market interface rework and more...

2017-09-11 - Hello World

The game is live for everyone to try and test. Feel free to look around! Keep in mind this is first public test and I haven't had a chance for proper testing so please post all bugs at forums :)