Welcome to Kingdom Borders

Build your town
Expand your borders
Build up economy and train armies
Destroy your rivals


  • Latin letters and numbers only
  • Minimum 6 characters
  • Minimum 6 characters
  • Valid email for password recovery, or invalid while testing
  • I have read and agree to these basic rules

  • Fully capturable map
  • Armies move on grid
  • Possibility to siege player town...
  • ... by capturing sectors around it
  • Income based on map control
  • Armies are not attached to a town
  • Day time
  • Weather
  • No mines to upgrade
  • Armies can be split as player wants
  • Few levels of economy
  • No premium features or cash shop

Game is currently in active development and testing stage.

Latest news

2018-09-13 - A second chance

After few months of inactivity, I accidentally came across couple of websites, trough which I am hoping to reach target audience. Something I was not able to do before. Fingers crossed we will grow our community fast enough this time :)

2018-05-18 - 2nd competition ended!

Top 20 players received Steam keys for Game Dev Studio Congrats!

2018-04-09 - Competition ended!

Congratulations to player Exce11ence for winning the round! However, the winner declined the prize, as a result the prize goes to the second place player - Raspaberry, well done! Next round will be announced some time in the future.

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